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B ColinStrong

A Childhood Cancer and Autism Resource Foundation


Colin's Story

Colin was a happy, energetic, fun loving kid. He was diagnosed with autism at three years old. He was always determined, he wanted things his way and we usually had to conform. He attended the Palm Beach School for Autism in Lantana, FL. There he flourished. They taught him to expand his then limited vocabulary and learn how to adapt to different situations. He never let anything slow him down, until.....

New Year's Eve of 2015, we brought Colin to the doctor because of a cough he had for a few weeks that wouldn't go away. The doctor suggested we take him over for an x-ray to make sure he didn't have pneumonia. Once there, a look at the scan revealed something none of us ever expected...


Our mission is to continue Colin's legacy of strength, love and courage, to help support other families struggling with both cancer and autism, just as Colin and our entire family had for 14 months and specifically with autism for over 14 years. The proceeds raised will go toward funding children’s cancer research programs, as well as the children’s hospitals in Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach Counties. Some of the proceeds will also support various Autism Programs throughout South Florida.



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